13 May, 2012

The productive side of being JOB-less.

You know, recently I've been complaining about not having a job and I think that might be a blessing in disguise. I had always wanted a long break from school!

My school life:
  • Kindergarten - 3 years
  • Primary school - 6 years
  • Secondary school - 5 years
  • College - 3 years
  • University - 3 years

Including school breaks/semester breaks and public holidays...I had roughly spent 20 years of my soon to be 24 years of living in school. I am still a kid! I know, being a student is FUN! && I love learning. Your only obligation is to STUDY HARD & SMART, get GOOD grades and be ACTIVE in school activities. You don't have to worry about money since your parents or siblings will support you (in most cases).
Way better than being a working adult but I think it's about time I give back to my parents. They raised me up, gave me love, gave me the things I needed, provided a shelter over my head. What do I give in return? 20 years of spending their hard earned cash.
OK, I'm getting side-tracked.hehe. I'm currently awaiting my final semester's result before I graduate...So, I have some time to kill until next year. What I plan to do is to have a productive year or at least, what's left of 2012. So, here are my plans:-
  1. Finally get a driving license (yes! I'm almost 24 years old & I can't drive a car or a motorbike)
  2. Learn Mandarin (I've always wanted to learn Mandarin & it would be a wise career move)
  3. House make-over (cleaning out all the clutter in my house that's been piling up)
  4. Complete my cross-stitch (which I've been putting off since last year)
  5. Go jogging with mum in Likas Sports Complex
  6. Learn how to tap a rubber tree
  7. Teach Nate to read
  8. && Finally be around for my mum when she needs me. I am her first born daughter. I know she needs me.
OK! Let's not whine about not having a job. Let's look forward to a care-free life...until next year arrives & I really have to step into the working world.hehe.


To mummy with LOVE.

I remember the tears you cried during daddy's funeral service and I also remember how strong you were when you gave that farewell speech to daddy. With every trial and tribulation, we get stronger and closer and daddy is looking after you from heaven.

We're going to be alright.

Even though daddy is gone now, you have 7 crazy-wonderful kids that will keep you entertained with our never-ending antics & will keep you company. 

Mummy, I hope you have a wonderful day today. Pamper yourself to your heart's content because it is your day. Read yours and daddy's favorite Barbara Cartland books and just relax. Enjoy yourself!
Happy mother's day mummy. Love you dearly. The most amazing mummy in the world & I'm the luckiest girl to have been brought into the world by you.

[My gorgeous mum and a very chubby me]


08 May, 2012

Major bloopers!

It's one thing to apply to numerous jobs using the same exact e-mail, but to apply and sent the exact same e-mail but forgot to edit it is such a NO-NO!

OMG! I can't believe I made such a trivial mistake! I can feel my face melting off my head. Damn! I feel so embarrassed! How could I neglect to edit the e-mail. Arghhhhh! I just want to climb into a hole and never come out.

I HOPE that they didn't read my e-mail. You know how big companies are. It's very difficult to grab their attention. Sighs...I need a job! A paying job!


Wat Beat said...

"Ok..Find job at kuching oso k... see you in kuching... miss u much ooo later.. how la? take license only for 1 week ok? then i have to wait you only in a short time only..hehehe... after that, what ooo? aaa...then apply job at kuching k... at clinic that just open that we saw when we at kuching...ok? then..i can see you... everyday.. hehehehe"

07 May, 2012

Temporary friend.

Ditched by a good friend. I always have that paranoid feeling whenever I get close to someone and you have a good time together, tell each other secrets and have the same interest. Feels like you're so much alike and that you're meant to be friends.

But, the truth is...you were just a temporary replacement for someone who was far away. & when that person returns, you just cease to exist. I feel disappointed but most of all, I feel abandoned. Getting the door shut in front of my face.

It's just like the time that I had this good friend and when she got herself a boyfriend, she couldn't be bothered to spend some time with me. & I'm left alone in the dust. It's just that I don't make friends easily. I may have a lot of acquaintances but when it comes to a good friend, it's hard to find trustworthy people.

Is friendship really such a fragile thing?

Oh well, life goes on...at least, Beat is still around to keep me company. a true friend indeed & that's something to smile about =)


03 May, 2012


Finally, the day has come. I've completed my internship and I've completed my viva! Soon to be graduating. Now if only MSU would be release my result sooner.hehe.