01 March, 2012

Dare to dream.

I was riding a bus, on my way back from the hospital and I saw this phrase & it caught my attention.

Dare to Dream?

I confess that I am a dreamer. I have a lot of dreams...small dreams, big dreams...you name it. Dreaming isn't a bad thing but, it turns rotten when you ONLY DREAM instead of DOING IT. Dreams are our possibilities. Therefore, I'm urging everyone to reach out for the stars because even if you fall, you'll still land among the clouds. I'm going to make one of my small dreams come true which is...*DRUM ROLLS*

TO LOSE WEIGHT! Yup, I'm setting a goal for myself to lose weight so that I can make this small dream come true. I will continue to aim higher and higher.haha. Sounds far-fetched huh. Now that I've made my intentions known, there's no turning back.

I'll start out with 5kg in 3 months. Let's burn those calories & stay healthy y'all.

P.s. - I dare you to dream and pull through =)