07 May, 2012

Temporary friend.

Ditched by a good friend. I always have that paranoid feeling whenever I get close to someone and you have a good time together, tell each other secrets and have the same interest. Feels like you're so much alike and that you're meant to be friends.

But, the truth is...you were just a temporary replacement for someone who was far away. & when that person returns, you just cease to exist. I feel disappointed but most of all, I feel abandoned. Getting the door shut in front of my face.

It's just like the time that I had this good friend and when she got herself a boyfriend, she couldn't be bothered to spend some time with me. & I'm left alone in the dust. It's just that I don't make friends easily. I may have a lot of acquaintances but when it comes to a good friend, it's hard to find trustworthy people.

Is friendship really such a fragile thing?

Oh well, life goes on...at least, Beat is still around to keep me company. a true friend indeed & that's something to smile about =)


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