13 May, 2012

The productive side of being JOB-less.

You know, recently I've been complaining about not having a job and I think that might be a blessing in disguise. I had always wanted a long break from school!

My school life:
  • Kindergarten - 3 years
  • Primary school - 6 years
  • Secondary school - 5 years
  • College - 3 years
  • University - 3 years

Including school breaks/semester breaks and public holidays...I had roughly spent 20 years of my soon to be 24 years of living in school. I am still a kid! I know, being a student is FUN! && I love learning. Your only obligation is to STUDY HARD & SMART, get GOOD grades and be ACTIVE in school activities. You don't have to worry about money since your parents or siblings will support you (in most cases).
Way better than being a working adult but I think it's about time I give back to my parents. They raised me up, gave me love, gave me the things I needed, provided a shelter over my head. What do I give in return? 20 years of spending their hard earned cash.
OK, I'm getting side-tracked.hehe. I'm currently awaiting my final semester's result before I graduate...So, I have some time to kill until next year. What I plan to do is to have a productive year or at least, what's left of 2012. So, here are my plans:-
  1. Finally get a driving license (yes! I'm almost 24 years old & I can't drive a car or a motorbike)
  2. Learn Mandarin (I've always wanted to learn Mandarin & it would be a wise career move)
  3. House make-over (cleaning out all the clutter in my house that's been piling up)
  4. Complete my cross-stitch (which I've been putting off since last year)
  5. Go jogging with mum in Likas Sports Complex
  6. Learn how to tap a rubber tree
  7. Teach Nate to read
  8. && Finally be around for my mum when she needs me. I am her first born daughter. I know she needs me.
OK! Let's not whine about not having a job. Let's look forward to a care-free life...until next year arrives & I really have to step into the working world.hehe.


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