08 May, 2012

Major bloopers!

It's one thing to apply to numerous jobs using the same exact e-mail, but to apply and sent the exact same e-mail but forgot to edit it is such a NO-NO!

OMG! I can't believe I made such a trivial mistake! I can feel my face melting off my head. Damn! I feel so embarrassed! How could I neglect to edit the e-mail. Arghhhhh! I just want to climb into a hole and never come out.

I HOPE that they didn't read my e-mail. You know how big companies are. It's very difficult to grab their attention. Sighs...I need a job! A paying job!


Wat Beat said...

"Ok..Find job at kuching oso k... see you in kuching... miss u much ooo later.. how la? take license only for 1 week ok? then i have to wait you only in a short time only..hehehe... after that, what ooo? aaa...then apply job at kuching k... at clinic that just open that we saw when we at kuching...ok? then..i can see you... everyday.. hehehehe"

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