13 May, 2012

To mummy with LOVE.

I remember the tears you cried during daddy's funeral service and I also remember how strong you were when you gave that farewell speech to daddy. With every trial and tribulation, we get stronger and closer and daddy is looking after you from heaven.

We're going to be alright.

Even though daddy is gone now, you have 7 crazy-wonderful kids that will keep you entertained with our never-ending antics & will keep you company. 

Mummy, I hope you have a wonderful day today. Pamper yourself to your heart's content because it is your day. Read yours and daddy's favorite Barbara Cartland books and just relax. Enjoy yourself!
Happy mother's day mummy. Love you dearly. The most amazing mummy in the world & I'm the luckiest girl to have been brought into the world by you.

[My gorgeous mum and a very chubby me]


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