22 September, 2011

a cat that loved a fish.

The title of the manhwa that I just read. Unrequited love.

I understand it clearly. Stuck in between, can't go back...can't go forward. A love that has no complete ending. Feelings that are bound for deletion.

"A mighty pain to love it is,
And 'tis a pain that pain to miss;
But of all pains, the greatest pain
It is to love, but love in vain."
.......... Abraham Crowley


16 September, 2011

dumped for a Filipino.

I got dumped for a Filipino. You just can't compete with foreigners, can you. I thought that since I treated you so good, you would never ever abandon me. That just goes to show you, guys (some not all)... they're just waiting for the next exotic hot chica to come along and rock their boat. 3 years down down down the drain.

I'll just hope she's really after your heart instead of a permanent residence status. So long my wasted time. So long my ex-Bintulu boy. I'm definitely the one that got away.

If you're wondering why I don't sound sad/sad-ish at all is due to the break up happened on 2010 and I found out he had been two-timing me all along just recently. I'm not hung up on the guy! Oh please, she can have him. He was nothing but a loss cause for my tears back then...

Mind you, I have no problem with international marriages. Go ahead and copulate. If anything, I envy you. Especially if it's a long distance relationship. You people take all the trouble to be together.. Sounds just like a fairy tale. It gives people like me, a reason to hope for the best in my love life though I don't see myself needing any salvaging. I'm on relationship hiatus till the next bloke comes along to woo me.


08 September, 2011

Her secret.

One soul
Two souls
Three souls...

Four souls
Five souls
Six souls...

Seven souls
Eight souls
Nine souls....

Her secret's getting bigger.
The bubble's about to burst.
Maybe number thirteen will be the needle.
In which everything will fall apart.


someone like you

"sometimes it last in love but sometimes it hurts instead"


06 September, 2011

Jelosi. Cemburu. Dengki. Jealousy. Envy.

Yea yea, I should be understanding. Orang ya really need you to be with her right now but I'm jealous. Attention starved... Buruknya sikap. She needs you... but I'm being selfish. Okay lah. I'll just wait here & try to be not jealous & patient. Fuh fuh.



It isn't my secret to share.
I'll keep my mouth shut...
The choice was made.
& that road is treacherous.

This reality is surreal.
Yet it's not mine to share.
Pain, shame, regret... rolled into one.
A bubble waiting to burst.

Such a grave mistake.
Path of self-destruction.
Judging eyes, broken hearts, crushed dreams.
Reap what you've sown.

Pray that HE keeps you strong.
Collect your smiles, anticipate the *Pop!*
That rainy day will come.
& self-hate is all that's left.

Skeleton out of the closet.
The shame. The horror.
Your dirty laundry out for the world to see.
But I'll stand by you because that's all I can do for you.


05 September, 2011

Daddy's birthday. 05.09.

RIP daddy. love you... forever loved & missed...always.


03 September, 2011

Jessie J. awesome live.

Wish I could sing like her.hehe. love her voice.